When flipping houses it is important to follow the trends in real estate and design to make sure you are renovating a house that is more appealing and more likely for someone to buy.

What Are the House Design Trends for 2018

For someone who is into house flipping, you know very well that the kitchen and bathroom are the two key selling points of a house. They are the real deal breaker. The buyers will shy away if they don’t like what they see. Therefore, you need to prioritize the kitchen and the bathroom and see to it that they have the elements the buyers are looking for.

Kitchen Trends

A white wall, a grey island, and a touch of natural elements such as wood material make the kitchen an inviting place for homebuyers. A well-constructed and beautifully designed kitchen can surely close the deal. When it comes to renovating or remodeling the kitchen, make sure to add a touch of white and grey combination. If the last few years, an all-white kitchen is a trend. This year, a combination of neutral and earth-toned colors are what buyers are looking for. You can also try bold contrasting colors such as a bright teal, navy blue, and black to medium black. The trend is yielding towards a modern kitchen with a classic touch. A white cabinet, grey subway tiles backsplash, white countertop, a pendant lighting, and an island will surely seal the deal.

newest kitchen trends for 2018

Combination of Modern and Classic

When it comes to flipping a property, you surely will come across some antique hardware and kitchen appliance. For the past years, stainless steel appliance were the stars. Today, vintage appliance and kitchen details add character and appeal not only to your kitchen but to your home as a whole. If there is a vintage appliance in the property you are working with, do not throw it away. If it is in a good working condition, you can keep it there to significantly increase the value of the property. If it is broken, then you have to know the cost of repair and whether or not it is worth the investment. Again, the trend is a combination of modern and traditional/classic kitchen style. Keep the antique details, especially the hardwood floors and antique kitchen appliance and fixtures. Work on the paint and backsplash to achieve a modern ambiance. Before starting to renovate the kitchen, make sure you thoroughly evaluate the available space and take into consideration your budget. Organize everything so that you will be able to finish your house flipping project on time.

New Bathroom Trends

If you are done with the kitchen, then it is now time to head to the next important space in the house; the bathroom. A dated and non-functioning bathroom is a deal breaker. We all love a clean and spacious bathroom. However, if you are working in a tight space, then you can somehow create an illusion of a bigger space by using intricate tile patterns. A penny-shaped tile and a standing shower make the bathroom interesting and aesthetically appealing. On the other hand, if you are working with a large bathroom space, then it is a perfect opportunity for you to add all the intricate details that will make the bathroom the selling point of the house. Add large bathroom fixtures, vanities, bathtub, and custom mirror. It should be a combination of luxury and functionality. Just like the kitchen renovation tips, you need to try combining contrasting colors such as a black kitchen fixture and a light colored kitchen cabinet.

mixed tile design in bathroom 2018

Learn The Important Flipping Skills with Marco Kozlowski

When it comes to flipping a house, you need to be very specific with every detail. You have to follow the design trends so that you can easily find a homebuyer. Do not let your personal preferences get in the way. Remember, you are renovating the house for your target market and not for yourself. It’s a good idea to learn from an expert like Marco Kozlowski when flipping houses for maximum return on investment.

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